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DeoxIT® D-Series

Improves ALL Electronic Connections, Guaranteed!

Clean, Rejuvenate, Lubricate & Protect Your… USB, Firewire, HDMI/DVI, RCA, BNC, SCSI, Ethernet, S-Video, Component Video, and ALL other metal connections!

– Removes Oxidation & Corrosion
– Improves Contact & Connections
– Improves Signal Quality & Data Transfer Speeds
– Actively Displaces Moisture & Contaminates

– Reduces Arcing and RFI
– Cleans, Lubricates, and Seals Connections
– Improves Performance, Reliability and Product Life

DeoxIT® Grease, Type L260D:

Maximize Mechanical & Electrical Performance! The infusion of DeoxIT® D-Series D100L into the formulation provides an additional film on the metal surface to dissolve corrosion, improve conductivity and provide a moveable/flexible protective barrier – NO OTHER GREASE CAN DO THIS!

– Excellent lubrication
– Protects metal surfaces even if grease is disturbed
– Dissolves oxidation and corrosion
– Improves performance of electrical contacts & connections
– Excellent wear resistance and pressure resistance

– Excellent oxidation (galvanic corrosion) protection
– Free of mineral acids, sulphurs, alkalis and other noxious components aggressive to metals
– High dripping-point characteristics
– Operating temperatures:  L260-DN:  -40OC to 260OC.

USES – Electrical:
Antenna connections, battery terminals, Buss bars,  commutators, conductor rails, conductors, contactors, disconnects,
drying & processing equipment,  high amperage/high voltage applications,  industrial electrical equipment (lifts, cranes, robotics, etc.),
power tools, relays & switches (heavy duty, knife, step, rotary), etc.

USES – Mechanical:
Bearings (all types), doors (closures), drives (chain/sprockets), hatch closures, O-rings and seals, linear motion systems,
plugs (threaded holes), rack & pinion assemblies, screw devices (jacks, rails), slide bushings, sliding parts,
tracks/guides/rails, threaded closures, worm gears, etc.


Protects & Shields Your Hands from Dirt, Grease, Chemicals and Harsh Contaminants while you work.

Use at Home and Work:

– Mechanics
– Electronics
– Painting
– Tile Work

– Abrasives
– Motor Sports
– Hobbies & Crafts
– Grease and Oils

– Home & Garden
– Cleaning Solutions
– ALL Industries